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in 2017 we were dropped into a new world terms that we did not understand (which overwhelmed us) - our mission here is simple - educate, advise and inspire about the STEEM blockchain.

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Steem DApp for OBS -- rapid videos for social media promotion

i wanted to rapidly put out social media videos on twitter or instagram that required no editing and that could be done throughout the day, during streams or just on the road, locally recorded on a laptop -- this enables me to do that, you can get a copy for $39 from gumroad too, click above!

Steemglider -- we made a mobile app to search the dapps of steem

it's year three, no mobile app exists for the steem blockchain on mobile that allows you to search the dapps or buy things easily via an android/ios app so we kinda built one, it's in it's early stages but we already made rapid progress -- we have a lot planned, search steem powered dapps apps today!

ihaz.carrd.co -- our carrd template business that accepts steem/sbd!

ready made carrd templates

"stop taking money from the rewards pool they said, bring money into the blockchain they said!" so we looked at each other and had a conversation about what we could offer, then we came up with not only a mini business that accepts crypto for payment but also great content for our live streams.

Steemcasting -- using video to reach across social networks!

have you seen them really cool 24/7 audio streams that you find on youtube well it got us thinking about what one would look like for promoting a blockchain around the clock? -- we want to make a Steem-Engine token to incentivize content makers to submit content later on -- (support on fundition)

STEEM Blockchain & Steemit Guide for Content Creators

55 students and counting! when i joined STEEM i was completely over social media. it took me over a year to understand this new platform, this course is from the eyes of a content creators who gave up on social media for steem!

Digital Independence in 2019 using STEEM Infrastructure

3 hrs of video with 40+ parts to give you an overview of the differences between centralized digital platforms and the potential of decentralized applications (dapps) running on top of the immutable STEEM blockchain, own your content!

Blocks, SideChains and Monsters. Oh My!

with your help and donations, we can make this video embed an interactive fully searchable, seo optimized and multi language video player for all things STEEM -- we hope you enjoy the content within this player.

Current Show Schedule for Steem Casting

this is a work in progress right now, it's purely demo information, once it's finished and setup i'll update you here that it's an official schedule and can be relied on, we have a lot of work ahead but we will get there.

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